Clean drinking water saves lives


Every day, according to the United Nations, thousands of people, especially children, are dying as a result of contaminated water. Four out of ten people worldwide have no access to clean water.


In many developing countries, rivers, ponds and rain collecting points serve as water sources for hospitals, schools and villages. In climatically difficult areas, these water sources and the groundwater are often contaminated by bacteria and viruses.






































Vision and Mission


All people have a right to clean drinking water. aqua pura is committed to ensuring that germ-free water is not a luxury even in developing countries. Sustainability, self-help, respect and consideration of cultural conditions are important to us.


By making our water purification systems Waterflow available, free of charge thanks to membership fees and donations, we enable people to produce bacteriologically pure drinking water - independently, simply and inexpensively. We focus on supporting smaller organizations such as village communities, hospitals, schools or orphanages. They have no network and do not have access to major international aid organizations or state support. We also ensure that the purified drinking water is not used commercially.

The consequences are various diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and others, which often lead to death. Children are particularly affected.

With Waterflow, the water purification systems from aqua pura, contaminated water becomes drinking water

What has aqua pura achieved so far?

Since its foundation, aqua pura, in close cooperation with partner organizations, has been able to supply 12 hospitals and clinics, 23 schools and kindergartens, 4 orphanages and 4 village communities and thus more than 20,000 people with bacteria- and virus-free water - further projects are planned.


The total costs borne by aqua pura (equipment, installation fee, consumables and substitute material) amount to between CHF 2,000 and CHF 7,000 per installation, depending on their size. Calculated over 10 years, 1000 liters of drinking water cost 30 to 40 centimes! 1000 liters of mineral water cost for example in Kenya around 700 CHF. Dr. V. Torres from Kenya writes in his letter of thanks: "In our hospital we can now use our scarce money for other urgently needed investments."

Realized projects by type - development 2010 to 2019, cumulative

The activities of aqua pura and the cooperation with the partner organizations are described in detail under Projects.